This welding technology provides perfect process control with the BEHAbelt HP01 hot press especially developed for belt profiles and the associated PPuls Element temperature control for sophisticated industrial production of a welded connection.
Thanks to the small design and a number of smart design details this hot press is perfectly suitable for on-site use and in confined spaces. The unit can be made upon request of the customer as a water- or air-cooled version.
HP01 is the best choice for the best welding results in particular for the production of overlap welds of belt profiles.


Compact design.



Water cooled.
High cooling capacity.



HP01 is particularly well suited for the production of butt and overlap welds for round and V-belts with a diameter from 6 to 20 mm and for V-belts from 6×4 to 22×14 mm. A suitable mould is used to press the splice under temperature and pressure influence thus producing a firm connection.

For overlap welding, a preparatory work step is required to prepare the welding point by cutting the belt to size. For this purpose the special cutting aid SH01 has been developed which ensures precise preparation for welding in repeatable accuracy. The overlap weld thus achieves the strength of approx. 50% of the reinforcement used. Overlap welding always results in a stiff welding area and therefore it is required to consider this fact when selecting the minimum pulley diameter.


A special design variant is the connection of belts with steel reinforcements. In this case the bare reinforcement is jointed by crimps and the resulting interspace at the joint is filled with material inlays, pressed using a mould and a hot press, and jointed with the remaining material. Our joining set RH-2 is available for this purpose and offers you the entire equipment and material for producing such a joint.


Hot press HP01 also offers a further additional benefit with regard to the option of welding timing belts and flat belts up to the max. width of 50 mm in using appropriate moulds. The respective mould delivery program is available. Punching technology for preparation of the connection is not available.