Heating paddles

Elastic monolithic PU conveyor belts from BEHAbelt offer new fabrication possibilities. Due to the lack of traction layers joining by finger welding is no longer necessary, as the monolithic belt has a homogeneous design – even in the weld seam.
The welding device HS from BEHAbelt is a simple, handy, reliable and cost-effective tool for butt joining of monolithic belts. Depending on customer requirements, two versions are available with the joining table and heating paddle for max. belt widths up to 400 and up to 800 mm.
The simple operation in combination with the intuitive production aids enables a repeatable and high-quality connection of the belts.
Optional adapter plates ensure precise positioning and clamping of the butt ends to be welded.

HS400 & 800

For PU and TPE.
Robust and handy design.