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Hollow round belts

Hohlrundriemen mit Nippel
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Hollow round belt with nipple quick connection to bridge downtimes. Hollow round belts should be welded just like solid belts.
In the case of a breakdown, fitting connectors can be used for a quick repair, until the belt can be welded once again. Another advantage is the flexibility of the belt for small pulley diameters. The hollow round belts can be connected via metal connectors, as shown in the picture.
For the insertion of the metal nipples it is recommended to use a pliers.

Hook belts

Hakenriemen orange
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Twisted PU round belts, also called “quick connect belts or Hook belts”, are the perfect solution for roller conveyor systems where more than one belt is sitting on a shaft (called vertical drive).
Twisted belts are mounted with the hook open, which then is being closed with pliers once the belt is sitting in the right place.
No costly and time consuming dismantling of shafts needed when installing or replacing a belt (short breakdown times).

Hohlrundriemen grün blau gelb transparent

Characteristics of the BEHAbelt hollow round belts

The hollow round belts are offered with the following outside diameters: 4.8 / 6.3 / 8.0 / 9.5 / 12.5 / 15.0 mm.
As additional properties for special applications, we offer low-temperature flexibility, hydrolysis and microbe resistance and suitability for direct food contact (FDA/EC).
We manufacture hollow round belts from polyurethane. The surface of the belts is either smooth or roughened. In addition to the different colours, we also offer three different degrees of hardness (Shore 80°A, 88°A and 92°A).

Hakenriemen himmelblau und orange

Characteristics of BEHAbelt hook belts / twisted round belts

The construction of the hook belts or twisted round belts is made by twisting 2 round belts (Ø 3mm). The resulting diameter is Ø 5mm.
We offer two degrees of hardness: Shore 76°A (sky blue) and 80°A (orange). The orange belts are made of a plus quality, which ensures lower elongation.
We are happy to manufacture twisted round belts in other colours and surface structures on request.

We will be happy to advise you on hollow round belts and hook belts.

The sales team and the technical department will be happy to look into your application and help you select the most suitable belt.


How do I connect hollow round belts correctly?

There are two ways of joining hollow round belts, either butt welding or mechanical joining by means of nipples.

Butt welding

Rundriemen vorbereiten

Prepare Hollow round belt

The hollow round belt ends are cut off by angle cut or 90° cut (e.g. with BEHAbelt AS02).

Riemen in Führungseinheit einspannen

Clamping the belt in the guide unit

The guide unit or clamp (e.g. FZ01 Vario or FZ02/3) ensures perfect alignment of the belt ends to be spliced.

Riemen verschweissen

Welding hollow round belt

For PU belts 290°C are required, for TPE belts 240°C. The BEHAbelt welding units (e.g. EErgo) ensure a constant welding temperature even at different ambient temperatures.

Trimming hollow round belts

After the welding process and the cooling time only the welding bead has to be removed with a edge cutter (BEHAbelt SE02) or sharp knife.

Fitting connectors for quick repair

Nippel mit Spitzzange greifen

Using pliers to grab the right nipple

The outer diameter of the hollow round belt determines the nipple size (4.8 / 6.3 / 8.0 / 9.5 / 12.5 / 15 mm).

Nippel in Hohlrundriemen einpressen

Pressing the nipple into the opening.

Caution: Always wear protective gloves during this activity to minimise the risk of injury.

Riemenende über Nippel drücken

Fastening the belt

Pass the other end of the belt over the nipple end.

Hohlrundriemen mit Nippel verbunden

Ensure quality

Finally, carry out a tensile test and visual inspection of the connection point.

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Where can I buy BEHAbelt hollow round belts or hook belts?

Hollow round belts and hook belts are available from specialist technical dealers or directly from BEHAbelt.

It is important to us to support you with our experience in selecting the suitable belt for your application.

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Further belt profiles from BEHAbelt

Depending on the material to be conveyed, different belt profiles are required. BEHAbelt is specialized in the production of extruded thermoplastic belt profiles. Thanks to our own tool shop and modern, flexible production facilities, we can also produce customer-specific profiles quickly and cost-effectively.