BEHAbelt HP01 AIR, Hotpress


HP01 AIR is the air-cooled version of the hot press and offers mobility thanks to its compact design

Features at a glance

  • Very easy to use.
  • Reduces operator errors through a fully automatic
    and controlled welding and vulcanization process.
  • Thanks to its exchangeable moulds the HP01 is suitable
    for splicing many different profi les and fl at belts made
    of PU and TPE as well as timing belts.
  • User friendly operation through self-explanatory menu
    of controller (no expertise required).
  • Perfect welding within minutes.
  • Temperature variation is never a concern (no guesswork).
  • Real time data logging & diagnostics function for quality
    assurance of the splice.
  • Different types of welds possible (overlap welds,
    butt welds and angle welds).
  • Verschiedene Schweißvarianten möglich (Überlappschweißen, 90° Schnitte, Gehrungsschnitte).
  • Due to its small size and the hook for hanging up the
    press during the welding process, the HP01 can be used
    in confi ned spaces “on-site”.
  • Best welding solution for reinforced profi les (aramid,
    polyester and steel) through overlap welding.


Heating plate dimensions:
120 x 60 mm
Dimensions (HxWxD):
240 x 167 x 200 mm
approx. 4.800 g

Standard moulds for HP01 Hotpress

Insert profile in the middle of the mould

Insert the mould centrally in HP01. Close spindle to form fit.

Start automatic welding process using the PPuls-Controller

Close the spindle again approx. 2 minutes before the end of the process.

Wait for cooling process. Remove the mould

Remove profile from mould. Remove excess material with side cutter.


1 pc. Hot press

1 pc. Controller HP01

1 pc. Scissors SE02

1 pc. Screwer

1 pc. Scissors AS04

1 pc. Aluminum case

Belt cutter SH01

For precise trimming and preparation of the carrier-reinforced belts for the overlap welding.

For the belt cutting aid, we offer suitable mold nests for the various profiles. A list can be found here .


Before the
Overlap welding

After the
Overlap welding