PU Marking Strips

weldable markings
for conveyor belts

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Abrasion-resistant markings for conveyor belts

The thin PU strips can be thermally melted to the conveyor belt. This means that abrasion-resistant belt markings are also possible in the food industry.

Designs of the PU markings

The marking strips are made of polyurethane and are only 0.3mm thin. As standard, we offer the strips in 5mm width and in 5 different colours (white, black, sky blue, ultramarine blue and pink). 

Belt profiles and conveyor belts from BEHAbelt

Depending on the material to be conveyed, different belt profiles are required. BEHAbelt is specialised in the production of extruded thermoplastic belt profiles. Thanks to our own toolmaking and modern, flexible production facilities, we can also produce customised profiles quickly and cost-effectively.