Machine Tapes / Maschinenbänder

Machine tapes

High abrasion resistance · Reduced energy consumption

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Elastic Machine Tapes up to 750mm

BEHAbelt is adding elastic machine tapes made of TPU to its diverse tape portfolio. Machine tapes have already been established on the market for many years and are often offered in green/black or blue/black versions with antistatic properties.

In addition to reinforced belt constructions, elastic versions are also used to adapt to application requirements.

Machine tapes / Maschinenbänder

What advantages and properties do the machine tapes offer?

  • Consistent longitudinal flexibility (due to homogeneous belt ­connection without gluing, design as transverse splice possible)
  • The tapes remain dimensionally stable after shrinkage despite the tape elasticity
  • Reduced energy consumption due to high longitudinal flexibility and thus also lower motor and shaft loads
  • Excellent bending properties and thus ideally suited for small pulley diameters
  • High abrasion resistance and generally good chemical resistance
  • Continuous belt colouring in black or blue, no two-colouring
  • Continuous antistatic belt designs offer dissipation properties for ­antistatic charges on the upper and lower side of the belt.
  • Adapted surface finish for gentle handling of the goods to be transported
  • No tensioning devices are required, especially for the soft elastic versions, allowing for on-site installation and simpler machine design, thus saving costs
  • Quick and easy joining of the butt joint by means of butt welding and thus also improved machine availability

Industries and Applications for Machine Tapes

Black Machine Tape in electronic application
Black machine tape in vertical shaft drive
  • Packaging and weighing technology
  • Intralogistics (mainly distribution belts)
  • Textile industry
  • Enveloping and mailing systems
  • Printing, paper industry
  • Alternative for vertical shaft drives

Product overview of the Machine Tapes

All types of machine tapes are manufactured with a slightly rough surface (SR) and a fabric impression bottom side (FI).

The belt thicknesses are between 0.9 and 2.0 mm. Thus, the smallest possible recommended pulley diameter is 8mm.

Some belt types are made in the so-called 2-component process so that the hardness of the top and bottom sides can be different (e.g. for inclined conveying, more grip on the transport side and less on the running side).

All belt types are approved for direct contact with food. Most of them also offer antistatic properties.


Soft types (Shore 84A):
Center distances: short
Very good grip: yes
Accumulation: no
Belt speed: medium

Hard types (Shore 55D):
Center distances: long
Very good grip: no
Accumulation: yes
Belt speed: fast

Fabric impression ultramarine blue

Fabric impression (FI)
ultramarine blue

Fabric Impression black

Fabric impression (FI)

Slightly rough ultramarine blue

Slightly rough (SR)
ultramarine blue

Slightly rough (SR)

Welding technology for monolithic elastic Machine Tapes

Simple butt welding is enough: Elastic monolithic PU conveyor belts from BEHAbelt offer new fabrica- tion possibilities. Due to the lack of traction layers joining by finger welding is no longer necessary, as the monolithic belt has a homogeneous design – even in the weld seam.

Welding device HS400 & 800: The welding device HS from BEHAbelt is a simple, handy, reliable and cost-effective tool for butt splicing of monolithic belts (up to 800mm width).

BEHAbelt Welding device HS400 & 800


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Where can I buy BEHAbelt Machine Tapes?

Machine Tapes are available from specialist technical distributors or directly from BEHAbelt.

It is important to us to support you with our experience in selecting the suitable conveyor belt for your application.

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