V-Guides and Tracking Profiles

weldable V-Guides for conveyor belts

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V-guides for your individual requirements

V-guides are mainly used as guide profiles on the running side of conveyor belts. They are used to support the straight running of long and/or narrow conveyor belts or to absorb lateral forces when products are fed in from the side. On Z conveyors, the v-guide is placed in the groove of the pressure rollers. In other applications, v-guides are also used as a lateral limit to keep the conveyed product on the belt.

BEHAbelt offers a wide variety of extruded PU v-guides. This is reflected in the number of dimensions and geometries, but also in the type of properties, such as metal detectable.

What sizes and geometries does the BEHAbelt V-guide range offer?

The variety of applications on the market requires a wide product range. In addition to the short-term availability of standard products, we are happy to offer you the development and production of a customised profile.

Standard geometries

The trapezoidal V-guides are available in the standard notched and non-notched dimensions: 6x4mm (K6), 8x5mm (K8), 10x6mm (K10), 13x8mm (K13), 17x11mm (K17), 22×14 (K22). The dimensions 5x3mm, 13×6.5mm and 8×3.2mm are offered as special sizes.

Special geometries

In addition to square and rectangular profiles, semi-circular profiles are also available. For special belt guides we offer a longitudinal ribbed profile.

product overview

Which hardnesses and properties are offered?

BEHAbelt offers the shore hardnesses 65°A, 72°A, 76°A, 80°A and 84°A.
The PU70A safe quality is metal detectable.
All V-guides from Shore 76°A are FDA/EC compliant and thus certified for direct contact with food.

Joining the V-guides with PU conveyor belts

The perfect matching of the raw material types between the belt and the weld-on profile ensures an optimal connection (important especially for HF welds).

There are different ways of connecting the v-guide strips to the conveyor belts. In addition to HF (high-frequency) welding or hot air, cold cement or adhesive is also used. With the help of a guide roller/welding electrode, the v-guide is aligned and welded to the belt in the process.

Weldable accessories for conveyor belts

Depending on the industry, the products to be conveyed and the specific system design, conveyor belts must not only be cut to length and width, but also assembled with cleats or sidewalls. BEHAbelt offers a wide range of belt accessories for this purpose, homogeneously extruded from PU in different shore hardnesses.

Our conveyor belt accessories are made of the same raw materials as the conveyor belts to ensure the best possible weldability and a long service life in the application.

Of course, the accessories are also available FDA/EC/USDA compliant on request and with special properties, such as metal detectable, UV-C resistant or hydrolysis resistant.

Belt edges

  • For the stabilisation and guide of curved belts. Belt edges are usually applied by sewing or glued.
  • BEHAbelt offers a special moulded shoe which, in conjunction with a hot press, completely welds the belt edge profile in the joint.
  • Many versions available.
  • Customer-specific special profiles possible.

Cleats / PU sheet material

  • For carrying single or bulk goods on inclined conveyors.
  • 3 versions available
    · flat foot
    · narrow foot
    · Sheet ware (up to 8mm thickness) without foot
  • Customer-specific special profiles possible.


  • Usually in combination with cleats on inclined or declined conveyor belts to prevent products from dropping sideways.
  • 2 versions available
    · with foot
    · PUflex belt material without foot
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Where can I buy BEHAbelt flat belt accessories?

weldable belt accessories are available from technical dealers or directly from BEHAbelt.

It is important to us to support you with our experience in selecting the suitable profile for your application.

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BEHAbelt specialises in the production of extruded PU belt profiles and calendered PU belts. Thanks to our own in-house tool construction and modern, flexible production facilities, we can also manufacture customised solutions quickly and cost-effectively.