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Transmission and Conveyor Belting made of PU and TPE
Joining equipment and Welding Tools
Conveyor belts up to a width of 700mm
BEHAbelt Transmission and Conveyor belting BEHAbelt Joining Tools Transportbänder 700mm
BEHAbelt® is your complete source for top quality Polyurethane and Polyester profile belts and accessories. We offer a complete line of V-belts and Round belts, as well as an extensive selection of Special profiles and materials that can be customized to fit your every need. Also count on us for superior welding tools, including our exclusive new welding system, The Jewel Friction Welder RS02 - the fastest, safest and best way to a perfect Polyurethane splice every time. NEW: Homogeneous conveyor belts made out of PU and TPE up to a width of 700mm.

Ideal for food, pharmaceutical and packaging industry.

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BEHA Innovation GmbH, In den Engematten 16, D-79286 Glottertal/Germany